Selected clients:

We believe empowered people will change the way they work.


Rafał Kozłowski

CFO, Vice-President, Asseco

“I think that one of its most important effects is the ability to measure our operations. […] I’m also glad that I see the change of mindset, language, priorities, issues that we focus on”.

Waldemar Hlebowicz

Managing Director, Raiffeisen Insurance

“We could see, measure and observe the new reality. In fact, we started to notice details that emerged from a blurred view. […] It created a completely new type of employee: active, who treats work in a creative way”

How does it work?


Measure online time spent for all activities. Provide an optimal mix of unlimited flexibility on the level of details and user friendliness. Identify the potential for improvement

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AUTOMATE the FLOW of tasks through the pull system. Ensure that SLAs are met with automatic and dynamic task prioritisation. Provide workload balancing and capacity management.

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ENGAGE employees by providing a fair working environment. Create space for each individual. Use the power of transparency to create energy for change. Encourage competency development.

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IMPROVE the processes by providing team with the powerful tools to see the potential for improvement, to see the change, to see results

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MANAGE time and energy of your team. Mange activities, priorities and performance based on data and flow automation. Take fair decisions based on facts.

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TRANSFORM  work environment into more engaging, client driven and flexible. Implement high positivity and high productivity team culture.

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Manage in a smart way and empower teams with HarmoDesk.


Engage everybody to unleash their full potential and improve the team’s work and results!

HarmoDesk: built on Salesforce – world’s #1 cloud-based applications platform


Proven quality with no limits

HarmoDesk is an official Partner of the App Exchange Salesforce platform.
Salesforce provides unlimited global scalability of HarmoDesk.

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Security: Number one priority

Salesforce is the most trusted enterprise platform, according to Gartner.* Read more, what “trust” means for Salesforce.

*Gartner, April 2017


Accessible everywhere, on any tool

Available in the cloud, only network access is required. You can now manage tasks from everywhere!


Integrate with everything

Proven integration abilities. Gartner’s analysis* shows that Salesforce is in the top quadrat position if it’s about being able to integrate with other tools.

*Gartner, April 2017