In companies, the primary „asset” and cost is TIME of the employee. In spite of this, we often know little about what this TIME („money”) is spent on specifically.

Usually we ask ourself questions:
Where do we lose time?
How can we free up time?
Where do we use time efficiently?
What should we invest time into?

Unfortunetely, managing time and results in an office environment is very  difficult. Why?

First for all, working in an office environment is „invisible”. Even if we have time sheets to measure time, it is usually unreliable time measurement „post factum”. The most frequent situation is, that employees do not know when they work less and when more effectively. Lack of transparency results in:

  • stagnation of tasks
  • uneven workload between employees
  • lack of knowledge about time, costs and reasons for suspensions

Usually this leads to frustration, discouragement, lack of commitment.

There is only one solution for this: implementation of  full transparency in organization. One of helpful tools to do that, can be HarmoDesk.

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