The care for building the involvement of the representatives of the so-called Generation Y has accompanied the managers of service companies for years. Young employees are seen as „a tough nut to crack,” and yet they have the potential that can be released and used to achieve business objectives. How to use the expectations and opportunities of „Gen Y” representatives to push the organization to a completely new direction?

The SSC/ BPO approach, developed by the 4 Results team and used in dozens of organizations may be of help, as it increases the efficiency of operational teams in service centres. It is based directly on the use of forces. The first one is to ensure transparency through permanent, implemented on an ongoing basis measurement of the work of the entire team, providing comprehensive and accurate picture of what the effects of tasks are and, at the same time, what the problems and their sources are. The other one consists in appropriately implemented team habits, such as e.g. daily and weekly meetings, which make it possible to conduct a common review of the work measurement conducted and draw conclusions.

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