Business challenge: Office work is performed in various transactional systems, on the phone, by mails, during meetings etc. Gathering the data from all of these sources is like tilting at windmills. There is no transparency of where we devote our time.
Solution: MEASURE online time spent for all activities in one place . Provide an optimal mix of unlimited flexibility on the level of details and user friendliness. Identify the potential for improvement.

Just one click

User experience and friendliness is key. Employees need only to click a button to report their activities. They click the right button every time they start or finish doing a particular task. Instant online reporting guarantees reliable data and releases employees from post factum filling in timesheets after the given period – it saves time and energy.

Adjust the measurement to individual needs

Each measure cube is projected individually for the team or single employee. Users can change the order of the buttons and the colour to perfectly fit their individual preferences and work routines.

Unlimited possibilities of data collection.

HarmoDesk gives you unlimited flexibility. Get a reliable picture of operational work. Adjust the type and level of details you want to measure and collect.

Build KPI Metrics starting from the specialists, team level.

Measure everything online that is important in your business: processing time, lead time, ,specific tasks, volumes, interruptions, suspensions – process problems. Based on the data, create KPIs to be monitored regularly (daily, weekly)

See big picture of the how time is being spent

Use Data Analitics Set to find out how much time your team devotes to a specific client, which activities add value, how much time is lost due to interruptions, suspensions and other process problems. Track and reduce waste.

Measure to let everybody see the potential for improvement

Using Data Analytics Set, you have access to more than 100 easy to analyse reports, which help you to monitor the work, identify what can be improved, and quantify results of that change. What’s more, you can also automatically calculate optimisation potential.

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform

Automate flow

Business challenge: Unbalanced workload creates frustration. There are repeating problems with timeliness, backlog. A lot of time and energy of your leaders is spent on work distribution, status monitoring, solving problems with timeliness, priority management.
Solution: AUTOMATE the FLOW of tasks through the pull system. Ensure that SLAs are met with automatic and dynamic task prioritization. Provide workload balancing and capacity management. HarmoDesk automates all this work and enables managers to focus on the core of their jobs.

Automate measurement

Reporting in HarmoDesk can be done using the measure or the flow function. This second option enables pulling tasks from the funnel. Measurement is done in the background while the employee is focusing on the tasks processing.

Automate task distribution

Use rules based automation to ensure the dynamic prioritatisation of task distribution. HarmoDesk will distribute the given tasks according to their SLA (expected completion time) and the competencies of your team members following defined workflow processing steps.

Automate workload balancing and capacity management

Provide a fair working environment – make sure that employees work with the same time effort. Reduce stress and provide flow by sharing the work within teams, and during peak times, share work across teams based on their availability and competencies.

Automate todo tasks/backlog management

Use Salesforce’s powerful integration possibilities. Collect tasks in a funnel using the cyclical tasks mechanisms, e-mail integration, integration by data loader or directly connect with the transactional systems. Visualise the scope of work and find out the projected time of completion of the work.

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform


Business challenge: You are a group of individuals – each team member is focusing on his/her own work. Team does not see possibility for process improvement by themselves. Most of the problems are “outside”. Teamwork on business challenges is limited.
Solution: ENGAGE employees by providing a fair working environment. Create space to take care of the individual preferences. Use the power of transparency to create energy for change. Encourage competency development.

A fair working environment

Transparency on the team level provides an environment that instils trust and team work and enables fair – fact/data-based decisions. Automated work distribution creates an equal workload and reduces workplace stress.

Transparency creates energy to change

Provide reliable data that are understood by employees since they report them. Visualise a picture of everyday work, the results and the sources of problems. When employees see what they can change to improve performance, comes the intrinsic motivation to improve!

Engage to develop competencies

Create a competency/skills matrix for each team member. Use automated (competency based) job distribution. Engage people to improve their skills – show them how to structure personal development to meet business needs.

Reflect individual preferences

If only possible, streamline the flow of tasks based on the criteria of personal preferences. Adjust automated distribution criteria to meet the preferences of your employees. Differentiate between those who like repetitive, standardised tasks, and team members who prefer difficult, strange or unique tasks.

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform


Business challenge: Team doesn’t see impact of their improvement – they have impression that they have no impact on the business processes or relationships with clients.
Solution: IMPROVE the processes by providing team with the powerful tools to see the potential for improvement, to see the change, to see results.

Enable your team to see the potential for improvement

Automatically calculate the potential for optimisation. See where you can, and where you should, improve. Identify the potential for improvement by the elimination of resource waste, the causes of process problems, and the use of best practices by everybody in the team.

Let everybody see the performance, progress, results

Why do many of us measure time/speed/distance while practicing sports? Because we want to see how we are doing; if we are improving or not! Let your team see the change in the numbers, see the impact of their activities, and they will have more energy for further engagement in improvement.

Identify the total business impact of improvements

Improvement in quality or timeliness has a direct impact on the time saved across the whole value chain, and client satisfaction. Unleashed energy and released time can be refocused on key core activities or on opportunity time (development, improvement).

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform


Business challenge: A lot of manager’s time and energy is lost on dealing with opinions and emotions. Valuable time is spent on coordinating activities and making sure that the work is organized in the right way.
Solution: MANAGE time and energy of your team. Manage activities, priorities and performance based on data and flow automation. Take fair decisions based on facts.

Manage time, tasks, competencies and priorities

Simplify job management. Assign tasks according to competencies, track results, identify workload. Change priorities for your team. Re-assign tasks in the case of holidays and unexpected illnesses.

Plan and standardise task workflow

Project from scratch or implement your existing process in HarmoDesk. Identify the key steps for the given process. Standardise execution of the work flow to make it more predictable and efficient.

Use key data during team meetings

Refocus your regular daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly team and management meetings using the power of data/KPIs as the foundation for performance management: target setting, planning, monitoring, checking results.

Take fair decisions based on data

Use KPIs, client and team benchmark comparative analyses. Analyse the data and maximize team performance by taking decisions based on facts. Manage the future capacity of the team and take decisions on the required number of employees.

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform


Business Challenge: So many change projects fail to achieve their goals. There is lack of understanding, team engagement, progress measurement, frustration and resistance. How to implement sustainable change?
Solution: TRANSFORM work environment into more engaging, client driven and flexible. Implement high positivity and high productivity team culture.

Unleash the full potential of specialists

Enable the use of your team’s individual strengths and potential for the sake of the team’s and business’s results. Transform silos/ME way of thinking into the client/process/WE mental approach.

Create an engaging working environment

Create a transparent, fair working environment, promoting co-operation and engagement in process improvement.

Make Client-focus drive the team’s daily activities

HarmoDesk is designed to transform your operations through encompassing client optics into daily work – supporting the reduction of resource waste. Release time to focus on adding more value to the client, in order to boost client satisfaction.

Build sustainable performance management and continuous improvement culture

Make a step forward. Use HarmoDesk to implement new team habits, creating a culture of Performance Management and Continuous Improvement.

Find out more about how to create a high positivity and high productivity culture.

Prepare for automation or RPA

Use HarmoDesk to implement transparency, optimise, reduce variation and then standardise activities and processes in your organisation. Prepare your organisation and business processes for automation or Robotic Process Automation.

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Measure                Automate Flow                Engage                Improve                Manage                Transform