Why it is worth to automate various areas of your organization dayli life, such as workload balancing, team management, continuous improvement, performance improvement?

First of all usually it is very difficult to reach really fair job distribution in the team. However, usage of  workflow and business intelligence tools enables creation of the work transparency and tasks equalisation mechanisms. Now it is possible to use automation in order to build more fair work environment  and, as a result, increase productivity and engagement of the employees.

What’s more usually managers have the challenge of receiving accurate information on the workload and performance of individual employees. They are often based on opinions, views, and not on facts. Using simple tools such HarmoDesk you can  automate the management of team results by using reliable data collected from employees online. It improves making fair decisions and strengthens team work.

Finally, we can use automation to estimate optimization potential in order to boost waste elimination. The newest continuous improvement/performance management solutions allow ypu  to analyze online KPIs and create team benchmarks. It enhances best practice sharing in the team.

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