We are not only IT specialist, but also the team of consultants specialized in building performance management and continuous improvement culture in organization.

Together with numerous clients we have developed and now we continuously improve simple and proven solutions for implementation of the performance improvement culture.
The methodology is called Positive Productivity ® and provides structured and systematic step by step approach combining the Customer, Business and Employee perspective.

The sequence of 4 steps is leading towards creation of the sustainable continues improvement – high positivity, high productivity and customer focused culture.

What is Positive Productivity?

Positive Productivity® – structured methodology of building sustainable continuous improvement culture in business service industry.
Positive Productivity® is about creating transparent work environment and engaging all employees to focus on Customer experience and adding value.
Step by step implementation of simple habits results in systematic release of extra time and energy!

 Our CEO Krzysztof Pimpicki is the co-founder of the 4Results. 4Results focuses on change / strategy  implementation and provides the environment for more than 60 professionals to serve clients from various business sectors. We have successful track of 12 years of  partnering with 4Results providing complex optimisation, change management, complex training and coaching solutions to the clients both in service, supply chain and manufacturing industries.


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